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The Art Of Sound
NEWS   I have started my own blog at where i will post info on my new songs and album along with score snippets and instrumentation for each new song I create. Enjoy!
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play hi-fi  Accidental Adoration
play hi-fi  Too Far Apart
play hi-fi  Lost In a Dream Part 1 (Green Mix)
play hi-fi  Lost In a Dream Part 1 (Red Mix)
play hi-fi  Lost In a Dream Part 2
play hi-fi  Lost In a Dream Part 3
play hi-fi  Lost In a Dream Part 4
play hi-fi  Think Floyd... Where's the Pig?
play hi-fi  Without You feat. Alicia's Keys
play hi-fi  The lonely heart
"The Art Of Sound is the sound of one man..... who strives to put melody back in the forefront of songs without words. Gentle, mellow rhythmic lines that interwine with soulful melodies.. you find yourself humming hours later..."

The Art Of Sound was originally formed back in England in the mid 70's as a group of people who wanted to promote the use of synthesizers in both modern and classical music. Later on the group split up and went their separate ways but one founder member, Nigel Sixsmith, carried on working, under the name "The Art Of Sound", writing and performing music for the Synthesizer for over 30 years..

This webpage has been set up for him to share some of the many songs he has written in the hope that others will find as much enjoyment listening to his music as he has making it..
Why this name?
It was 'given' to me many years ago by some close friends of mine..
Do you play live?
Only occasionally since the late 80's when I moved over the pond to the USA.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet allows musicians to express themselves and reach out "beyond their own secret world" to touch the minds and souls of other people throughout the world..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I only look forwards.. never back :)
Your influences?
Many influences but I suppose the main ones are David Sancious, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Chris Issac and The Edge..
Favorite spot?
On top of my own mountain.. where else?
Equipment used:
I use Logic as a multitrack recorder/mixer but almost everything is played live with minimal post editing :)
Anything else...?
Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to my Korg Oasys. For the last 12 months i found myself using it less and less and so now i only use Logic and Soft Synths/Samples to create my music...
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