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Angels Of Paradise Clip
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03/08/07 @ 09:52 AM     5 comments
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This clip is especially made for my live performance at my school, it's for about, 500 to 1000 people.
It will be shown at a huge screen in front of al those people.
Let me know what you think
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When time stops, When breathe fade away, When the dogs don't bark anymore,
When the world is surrounded by silence....

I am a DJ from the Netherlands (yes, that country with hasj and wiet and stuff, but also with great DJ's (like Tiësto))

I signed me up here to let you listen to my music I created.

I hope you enjoy it

My name is Leandro TJ

NEW SONG Arrived!!!.... Tetris Jumpstyle Remix!! This will keep you jumping ;) HOT!!!

Best Place on Charts:

Eiffel Blue Daba Dee [HardTrance RmX] TripleStar

#6 on Trance
#11 On Electronica

Crazy Frog Vs TripleStar [Techno/HardStyle]

#3 on Techno
#25 on Electronica

Why this name?
It came right up in to me. It was like a fallen star into my head.

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Do you play live?
No, nothing of all these things. I would love to though

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A lot, because people download VERY much these days
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes offcourse! everybody is hoping to become famous, so am I
Band History:
I made over 30 or 50 songs about Techno, Trance and Happy Hardcore to(170bpm)
And I love to keep producing for everyone who would like to listen.
Your influences?
Names like: Tiësto, Scooter(!) Ferry Corsten and many more DJ's around my country are my music influances. Sow the most you will here is Trance, Techno or Happy Hardcore
Favorite spot?
Sliedrecht (my hometown, somewhere in the Netherlands)
Equipment used:
Techno Ejay, Magix Music maker and FL Studio 5 and 6

And my new EMU Xboard 49 (worth buying!!)
Anything else...?
Well I hope you all will enjoy my songs and I hope to hear a reaction from you!!

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