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cure for god
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MelodicDeathGrind perhaps? These songs were written over a period of 5 years (2000-2005) during which time the core members' interests and influences constantly evolved and shifted both in absolute terms and in relation to each other. The songs are typically long (7-10 minutes, with the exception of 'wasteland') and rather complex with multiple parts and tempo changes. We aimed for a broader range of dynamics than typical metal, exemplefied most, perhaps, by 'lost (as you suffer)' which was always our favorite. cure for god was almost a 5 piece a few times, however, all these songs were recorded by myself (JRK) and one other on a computer in my room. This was my first foray into home recording and mixing and it often shows. I would like to remix them but, unfortunately, all of the original sessions have been compromised somehow and need to be reassembled from a haphazard collection of individual audio files, which I have not had the time and/or motivation to do. Overall, however, I am quite proud of what we managed to produce. It is highly unlikely cure for god will ever play together again.

JRK: vocals/guitar/bass/programming
SDC: vocals/guitar

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