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Barka (You Have Come...) w/Sax Trio
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Psalm 33:2-4 Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. The beautiful Hymn 'You Have Come Down to the Seashore' done in Polish by Jay Droz, singing and playing his Piano and Sax Trio for Jesus and You. Praise the Lord!
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Fri May 14, 2010
World : Traditional European
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"Lord, you have come"
1. Lord, you have come to the lakeshore
looking neither for wealthy nor wise ones.
You only asked me to follow humbly.

O Lord, with your eyes you have searched me,
kindly smiling, have spoken my name.
Now my boat's left on the shoreline behind me;
by your side I will seek other seas.

2. You know so well my possessions;
my boat carries no gold and no weapons;
But nets and fishesa014my daily labor.
O Lord, with your eyes you have ...

3. You need my hands, full of caring,
through my labors to give others rest,
and constant love that keeps on loving.
O Lord, with your eyes you have ...

4. You, who have fished other oceans
ever longed-for by souls who are waiting,
my loving friend, as thus you call me.
O Lord, with your eyes you have ...

Tu has venido a la orilla

1. Tu has venido a la orilla,
no has buscado ni a sabios ni a ricos;
tan solo quieres que yo te siga.
Refrain: Senor, me has mirado a lost ojos,
sonriendo has dicho mi nombre,
en la arena he djado mi barca,
junto a ti buscare otro mar.
2. Tu sabes bien lo que tengo;
en mi braca no hay oro ni espadas,
tan solo redes y mi trabajo. Refrain
3. Tu necesitas mis manos,
mi cansancio que a otros descanse,
amor que quiera seguir, amando. Refrain
4. Tu, pescador de otros lagos,
ansia eterna de almas que esperan,
amigo bueno, que asi me llamas. Refrain



Pan kiedys stanal nad brzegiem,
Szukal ludzi gotowych pojsc za Nim,
By lowic serca slow Bozych Prawda.

O Panie, to Ty na mnie spojrzales,
Twoje usta dzis wyrzekly me imie.
Swoja barke pozostawiam na brzegu,
Razem z Toba nowy zaczne dzis low.

Jestem ubogim czlowiekiem,
Moim skarbem sa rece gotowe
Do pracy z Toba i czyste serce. Refrain

Ty potrzebujesz mych dloni,
Mego serca mlodego zapalem,
Mych kropli potu i samotnosci. Refrain

Dzis wyplywamy juz razem
Lowic serca na morzach dusz ludzkich
Twej Prawdy siecia i Slowem Zycia. Refrain



Pan kiedyiFFD03A stanAea026iFFD01A nad brzegiem,
SzukaiFFD01A ludzi gotowych pojiFFD03AAea021 za Nim,
By iFFD01AowiAea021 serca siFFD01Aow Boa17Cych PrawdAea026.

O Panie, to Ty na mnie spojrzaiFFD01AeiFFD03A,
Twoje usta dziiFFD03A wyrzekiFFD01Ay me imiAea122.
SwojAea026 barkAea122 pozostawiam na brzegu,
Razem z TobAea026 nowy zacznAea122 dziiFFD03A iFFD01Aow.

Jestem ubogim cziFFD01Aowiekiem,
Moim skarbem sAea026 rAea122ce gotowe
Do pracy z TobAea026 i czyste serce. Refrain

Ty potrzebujesz mych diFFD01Aoni,
Mego serca miFFD01Aodego zapaiFFD01Aem,
Mych kropli potu i samotnoiFFD03Aci. Refrain

DziiFFD03A wypiFFD01Aywamy jua17C razem
iFFDCCCowiAea021 serca na morzach dusz ludzkich
Twej Prawdy sieciAea026 i SiFFD01Aowem a17Bycia. Refrain