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I think you are one of the best on SoundClick and if you need beats check me out
As I have seen dear Polish Singer, we musicians and songwriters of the world are a big family. Please contribute with ideas to the production to my song THE HOME PROJECT (katrina's song). You may visit it at my soundclick website. Thank you. L. Gabrielle Arboleda (Lilo)
wonderful inspirational songs!
Enjoyed the listen!
Good song,

Have thine own way,

PLease take a look at By His Design
Yo, what's up!!! I want to show love to everyone who is doing this thing!

Come check out our new song "Rise Above" and our SUMMER SMASH SINGLE "Come On Over (Caught My Eye)"

*** "Rise Above" is a fresh new anthem track, somewhat inspriational.

**** "Come On Over" is our Summer Smash Single!

Please leave feedback and let us know what you think...

Let us know which tracks you want us to check out too!

Thank you.

-The H.O.C. Team
Hi Jay-
Listened to Kum-Ba-Yah. Nice rendition from a seasoned veteran- Liked it alot!
Give me your thoughts on an old favorite hymn I've posted (instrumental only for now) - Thx-
Hey Jay, I added "God Bless America" to my "I have a Dream" station, songs of racial reconciliation, with a Martin Luther king, Jr Theme. "God bless America" fits very well with this theme. YOu can check your stations playing on your website and click on it and listen to the songs; very eclectic , every song is a different style; only three songs as of yet, I'm not finding too many songs dealing with racial unity and healing, but some old African-American Spirituals might work. If you know of any artist on soundclick who has a recording of "Free at Last" please let me know. If you have one that is not posted on your site, if you post it, I'll use it on my station.

If you have a chance to listen to some of our songs, we'd greatly appreciate it. Please leave me a note on my bulletin board if you have time.

Thanks a lot, and may God continue to bless your ministry.

I'm going to do a station of Christian songs in different languages, and I'll include some of your songs in different languages on that.

God bless,
Your brother in Christ,
David L. Herring,
Room 212
"Let Us Break Bread Together!" is a great great song! Great vocals! Great lyrics! Keep the music flowin' for Him!
Hi, i just check out your music and over all, its really have very catchy melodies.My partner just made a new song and its called Why would you? it has pianos and kinda rap but its not gangsta or commercial.Its a song about heart break.if you have a chance come and check it out.Youll probably like it.
Well, keep me updated when you drop new music.

Much Love
Juan G
I like your music keep up the good work. ...Praise God!
Whats Good? I am on of the female members of Sons Of Thunder and I came through and peeped some of your tracks....And I tell you got nothing but hot votes from us....So when you have time come through and peep some of the hottest females online on the track titled S.A.D. And while you are there peep out some of the other tracks cause you know they are hot. And if you are down with a callob at anytime just hit up the C.E.O of the company....James Miles...Have a Good One....
Listening to SILENT NIGHT.
Very nice.
If you have time give my country songs a listen THE LONG ROAD, DEAR JIMMY and if you have time ALONE. I also have a pop/rock site, feel free to gander at
Thanks so much talk to you later. Have a merry christmas.

Wonderful messages combined with a great delivery. The best to you. I really liked your greensleeves. Check out mine sometime if you like. Anyway have a wonderful.
whats up? I just stopped by your page and listened to your stuff, wanted to say nice work. keep it up.
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