Hello I am so glad you stopped by

I love to write ..Songs Poems and Short Stories
I love to sing and write music
I was born with Music in me..
Give me a beat and I can sing it !!

I lost a good friend here I admired her so much
She was in a living center bed fast but that did not
stop her from writing her lyrics..She was a natural
She then started promoting other artist and she was
So proud to get air play for her artist she promoted

She won a lot of awards through the years
Juanita Ford you will always be my Hero
I cried the day you left us Sept 17th 2016
My heart was just one that was broken with your passing

I have co-written with a lot of folks here You can see their names and credit on my comment page Ive been here since 2003 and I love Sound clic
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