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Mista 808
Swervin' out of Lanes ft. Mista 808
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01/14/14 @ 04:58 PM     post a comment
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Mista 808 performs his song 'Swervin out of Lanes'
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Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, laboriously trying on different musical styles like a piece of clothing, looking to find what fits. But there are others that emerge fully formed, in full command of their craft, their identity and their music. Mista 808 fits firmly in the latter category. His collection of over 3,000 different instrumentals include beats from almost every single genre imaginable!

A California boy who grew up in Sacramento, Mista 808 played piano as a child, but didn't take music seriously until he was in his early 20’s. He explains, “I found out about software available where you could record your own music "Pro Tools & Reason.." etc., and it took my interest in music production to another level." He continues, "I also wrote poetry quite a bit as a teenager and that developed into a passion for recording vocals to my own beats that I created.”

Today Mista 808 spends 40 or more hours a week perfecting his craft. He is ranked in the top 100 on in the "Hip-Hop" category, and his hit single "So Seductive" has over 2 million views on

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Why this name?
I was given the name Mista 808 by a friend who mentioned that I tend to use a lot of 808's in my productions. Many musicians are familiar with the 808 bass drum. I used to go by a different alias but that changed in 2004 when I decided "Mista 808" was a great fit for me. 808 is also the area code of Hawaii but I am not from Hawaii nor have I ever been to Hawaii. #MISTA808
Do you play live?
I play live at local venues around Sacramento, California. My plan is to break more into Producing quality records though and steer away from live shows. Maybe one day I'll perform live shows again in the future (since I'm also a Rap artist). But in the meantime I'm always in the studio working on new instrumentals. #MISTA808
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is the Alpha and Omega for mp3's and the music industry. It makes it easy for aspiring artists to easily add their content to an online source and share with others. At the same time it makes it hard to sell records due to the enormous increase in piracy. Copyright your material before you upload it online and you should be safe. #MISTA808
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would enjoy working with a record label so long as I was able to keep my creativity level the same. I don't want a major label to change my vision.
Your influences?
My number one musical influence is the everyday experience of living life. I do have many influences but I tend to get my creativity juices flowing by simply living life. #MISTA808
Favorite spot?
Sacramento, CA by default. It's where I was born and raised and where I still reside. #MISTA808
Equipment used:
Pro Tools LE, FL Studio, Reason, Recycle, Wavs, Fantom G6, Yamaha HS80 monitors.
Anything else...?
Visit my other sites and be sure to subscribe, follow, and retweet!

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