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Rodrica Rudge
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New material to be released soon.
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Rodrica Rudge is an independent UK songwriter who writes, performs and produces all her songs. She has written songs in all genres including rock, alternative, blues, jazz, soul, reggae and pop. Her songs have received both terrestrial and internet radio play and she has won songwriting competitions, having out-performed a number of signed artists in the internet charts.
Why this name?
Someone said invent a I did.
Do you play live?
Not any more. All material is now studio based as I work as a songwriter rather than a performer - although I do perform, record and produce all the material I write.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has created far more opportunities for independent musicians to be heard and to market their own music. Many musicians collaborate at an international level via the web which makes music production quicker and easier.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
As a writer my involvement is with publishing and licensing contracts.
Band History:
"Rodrica Rudge" started out as a classical pianist, taking exams at the Royal College of Music, London, she also learned how to play cello and guitar. Later, she went on to become a published poet who then concentrated on writing lyrics and music. She worked for several years in the advertising industry, planning and negotiating publicity and advertising campaigns for many companies including music promoters and their acts. She currently licenses work to companies/organizations, she also writes promotional pieces for small businesses and commissioned songs for individuals/special occasions. Under her "artist" name she writes, performs, produces and engineers all the material herself.
Your influences?
A wide range of styles, artists, producers and songwriters: Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company), Deep Purple, Steely Dan, The Kinks (Ray Davies), Gerry Rafferty, Fleetwood Mac, Traffic, Spencer Davis Group, Cream, all the Motown and Stax artists & songwriters, Nile Rodgers, Paul Simon, Gallagher & Lyle, George Martin (producer). Many soul and blues artists and TV/movie soundtrack composers. Chopin, Beethoven and St. Saens. The list is endless...
Favorite spot?
Anywhere tranquil and away from the crowds, the countryside, and also historical buildings that have 100's of years of history, atmosphere, and stories to tell.
Equipment used:
All kinds of equipment: Electric and acoustic instruments, recording hardware - digital recorders, computers, even occasionally tape recorders & DAT machines. Outboard units (effects/reverb, compressors, EQ units, mixers, pre-amps etc). Different kinds of software. Some very old gear, some very new stuff, ranging across most depends on what type of music I'm working on.
Anything else...?
Member of the Guild of International Songwriters & Composers.
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Rodrica Rudge in 2011
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