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Martin Edwards Luthier
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play hi-fi  #68 zouk
play hi-fi  #67 & 68 lolo's lullabye
play hi-fi  #67 HOG MANDO
play hi-fi  #66 MANGO MANDO
play hi-fi  bouzouki 65
play hi-fi  archtop 2010
play hi-fi  banjo made from a drum
play hi-fi  Josh's lap steel
play hi-fi  explorer zouk
play hi-fi  #60 fanned w3 sounports
As well as writing songs for worship, I've also recently got into making guitars & mandolins too.

this site will hopefully grow into a demo space for my instrumnets.

so far just a few, but hopefully they'll grow!!

If you're interested, do mail me and ask what I have available at the minute. I'm MUCH cheaper than you expect, this is a hobby NOT my job!!
Do you play live?
Jordanstown Northern Ireland
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