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I recently discovered there is a way for rookie hackers to rip my beats from this site so I had all of my beats copywritten to me, now alot of them were already copywritten I'm sure you could figure out which ones. But I don't mind you ripping them and using them for practice or a free mixtape or whatever as long as you're not selling my material and puttin money in your pocket from work, time and effort spent by ME. You could easily see why this would cause some issues.

I love music, I do this out of passion, so please, show some respect to people who really do this for a cause and not just a check.
Because if you don't, there ARE consequences to these kinds of things and I'd hate to pull the plug on one of my fans.
Don't make me take it there.

Truth is wisdom.
Favorite spot?
Philly, Atlanta, NC
Equipment used:
ACID 4.0, FL Studio.
Anything else...?
If you are interested in any of my music please contact me asap at:

or via Myspace at:

You don't have to be signed or very wealthy to afford my music, good things occur with good people,
I'm sure we can work something out.
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