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Welcome To Our Page
Why this name?
2 Days From Yesterday means tomorrow. We have always had our bad days but the one thing we always look forward to is what the next day brings.
Do you play live?
Yes we do play live but not in sometime cuz we have been busy recording our new cd. We play locally and we f***ing love it.

One of our special moments would have to be our benifit concert held on september 11th 2004.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes we think it does change the music industry.
We believe it gives people a chance to voice there opinions on what bands and what music is good to them instead of having the Major Labels try and tell you these our the good bands everything else is nonsense
Band History:
2 Days From Yesterday

Josh Cornutt - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Alderman - Bass Guitar
Josh Sweet-Paquette - Percussion/BackUp Vocals

About 6 years ago 2 teens had a dream, A dream to change the sound of music forever. These 2 teens being Josh Cornutt and Josh S.P. Formed within the minds of these 2 teens comes one of the best punk bands around. 2DFY had a rough start but managed to overcome all. The band started off as a 4 peice band but lost there original singer and bass player. This wouldnt stop Josh and Josh from making there dream a reality. With the add of there new bass player Josh Alderman..............2dfy has come back to make there stand. With the release of there first demo Human Cannon Ball back in the summer of 2004, 2DFY has shown they are not going anywheres. Back from a year of downtime the band has released there new cd intitled A Night Beneath The Stars, Songs about love and loss, This is what the band had to say. "We are excited about this new cd...........never have we made music that has sounded this beautiful..........the anticipation is overwhelming..........we want so bad for people to hear this new will take you all by surprise..........we make it our mission to connect with have an understanding..............we are a stronger band..............we have grown so much musically in the past 6 years.......and we are going to share that with the world!
Your influences?
There are alot so here we go.

Blink 182
Boxcar Racer
Angels and Airwaves
Matchbox 20
Alkaline Trio
Brand New

thats all I am gonna name for now
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
we use instruments
Anything else...?
We hope you like our music we have put our heart and souls into making something we find far from ordinary.
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