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NEWS   Collab wit beezy under construction. "confrontation of Mindz" is da name, cuz dats the least we got.....
My Swagger Ft D3von
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09/05/09 @ 07:03 AM     post a comment
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Tight ass sh** , mah dude doin his thang on this mayne.
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Why this name?
Well My name is Devon and i turned the E into a 3 and heey you got D3von
Do you play live?
Nah. tryin 2 tho...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Gets mah sh*** out dere u kno? and allows muf***az to download my sh*** when dey supposed 2 be PAYIN fo' it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
It's a one man army nucca!
Your influences?
Nas, Jay-z,Masta Ace,Lupe fiasco, Lil wayne in a way but i ain't fukin with that "lickin him like a lollipop" bullshit, Naughty By Nature, Redman, EPMD,the game is iight 2, and since i aint wanna spen mo' time on dis bi***, imma end it wit da cats i roll with, beezy n' Cutz (kono),
Favorite spot?
city? dont got one. but i live an hour and a half from amsterdam. u know what that means
Equipment used:
Logic express and an akg perception 420
Anything else...?
"follow your Dream".... is a pretty f***ed up thing 2 say, so its goin down like dis: " stay on yo grind"
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