Memphis Chainz
Gummy Beatz
Sweet Tooth (Migos Type) $10 LEASES BEAT SALE!
Untagged .WAV Lease $10/Tracked Out Stems $20 /Unlimited License- $50 For Exclusive Rights - Collab w/ John Serra
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play hi-fi  12 Past Crunk (Beat)
play hi-fi  Andover Cops (Beat)
play hi-fi  Bangn (Beat)
play hi-fi  Beads (Beat)
play hi-fi  Chill (Beat)
play hi-fi  Classic (Beat)
play hi-fi  Clubbn (Beat)
play hi-fi  Crunkle Kick (Beat)
play hi-fi  Deez Nutz (Beat)
play hi-fi  Ding (Beat)
I like making noise that sounds good
Why this name?
Name was given to me by friends when I was younger. No idea why
Do you play live?
Your influences?
everyone and every kind of music
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