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live life !
Hi. Good music. Suggest to listen to my beats. Are sometimes - free leasing beats
Yo,, strakke flow en lekkere muziek man !!
Lijkt mij wel dope om een collab te maken wat jij ?
Ik hoor het wel

Ook sta ik op de 3e plaats van hiphop dutch met een maat van mij, zo kan je via op mijn account komen.

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Nice Job, Greetz JTSP Sleazalo Productions !!
Muhacirosmile :)
Free MuHaCiRo MaxiMixTape
Vorm van verzet
2011 serie

just email me and ask !!!!!!!!

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for fun ... first collabo with Lord Lhus recorded at eastgarden
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special thanks to ; Inengah Budiarta @ Charita Alwino Kasanmoesdiran & Kaos (mart) Irene van Dapperen Junky skull
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every year i produce a new year best bad wishes track.. this is 2014 ... Recorded @Muhaciro Std Mixed by Alwino Kasanmoesdiran Beat by Nizuk (france)..... ending samples from Dean Scarpinato The Fool's White Rose (youtube)
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soldiers ! as long as you guys sign, wars will be !
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Net als elk jaar mijn beste slechtste wensen trekkie fressh van de presshhhh Im sorry all my foreign friends, this is my yearly best bad wishes song but its dutch :) the pictures tell it all ...... Namasteeeeeeeeeeeee and In Lak Ech
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21 dec 2012 im not worried the world will end, but it will continue without changing
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Advaita Krishna Muhaciro Wino Brahman The Lake Questions....
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ADVAITA BRAHMAN samples of eric sauers
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