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Tribeworld Ensemble
NEWS   Album release due late 2006
East Coast
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TRIBEWORLD ENSEMBLE grew out of the Canberra Australia band "TRIBE". The brainchild of Internet award winning David Pendragon [Best Producer 2006 I.O.M.A awards] The band has completed and is about to do a world wide release of a 2 CD album entitled "THE JOURNEY"
This album is a world first in that it is the very first full double album to be created over the Internet with musicians from all over the planet recording their parts in their own home studio's and then sending the files to Pendragon via Internet for mixing into the songs. The membership of TRIBEWORLD ENSEMBLE stands at the moment at 32 playing and supporting members, with more joining each week. Some of the players are well known Internet collaborators, others are new as yet unheard of, but brilliant musicians.
The albums are a very eclectic mix of styles and genre's that Pendragon has somehow made to work as one cohesive musical JOURNEY.
To get the full benefit from this double album you really need to hear the whole thing, however here on soundclick the band presents a few tunes to give you a "taste" of what will surely become one of 2006's great independent music releases. Meet all the band members and visit their own websites go to the TRIBEWORLD ENSEMBLE official website and visit many links that will take you on an amazing Journey of all these brilliant musicians. If you sign the guestbook you will become a TRIBE supporter and soon a link to YOUR OWN WEBSITE will be generated.

Jeremiah Bullfrog[ Music Journalist,Soundmix]
Why this name?
Because the band is just that, a world band and a Tribe
Do you play live?
There are appearances planned after the album release
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its a great way to get the world to hear, but its also a great way for musicians to work together
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
YES, we are in negotiation stage with a few big labels at this time, lets see if they can behave.
I would however like to take this opportunity to ask you the listener for your help. This album took many many hours to construct and a great deal of money was injected into making the sound as audiophile as it is....soooo please would YOU invest a tiny amount of money by buying a download of one or more of the songs from the soundclick Download store. Your dollar or two will help the band be able to bring you more of their music in the future.
Band History:
The band in this form is brand new. IF you would like information about individual members and links to their own personal sites go to this address
Sign the guest book while your there maybe?
Your influences?
As stated a very eclectic selection of folk, world, atmospheric, orchestral, blue Celtic, with 5 different "front line" vocalists and players of fine instruments. For those that love violin there are some especially wonderful pieces. Acoustic and electric instruments and real drums played by a couple of master drummers
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
So many.... an orchestra
Anything else...?
You will find something in this band that you will like or relate to.
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