Ligeti A.D.
*NEW* P.A.W.G No D/L
Beats General
"P.A.W.G" is a DJ Mustard sounding track but still is composed around Ligeti's own personal style. With a firm 808 punching through a blend of awesome melodies, this is a guaranteed instant hit!
Father Mary
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Yet another of my projects that no longer exists. I should also add, another band long before it's time.
Why this name?
It just fit.
Do you play live?
This band is no longer performing.
Band History:
Recording Lineup:

Brian ALlen - Vocals
Lance Denny - Lead Guitar
Steve Skog - Rhythm Guitar
Jason Moser - Bass
Jason "Bud" Dunn - Drums
Your influences?
Pantera, Priest, Dio, Maiden, Testament
Anything else...?
Brian Allen is now the singer for Last Empire. Check their myspace for more info. Jason Dunn is with Craving Theo. Google them for website info. And of course, I am with the Bully!
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