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Bad Karma (PDX)
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play hi-fi  Die Shouting
play hi-fi  Now Or Never
play hi-fi  Messiah
play hi-fi  Red
play hi-fi  Legacy
play hi-fi  More Than My Dreams
play hi-fi  Friend
play hi-fi  Goin' Down
play hi-fi  It Will Be
play hi-fi  Pressure
Bad Karma, Portland's Rock Gods from the early 90's...These tunes you are enjoying are from the 1994 Transient Madness release.
Do you play live?
This band is no longer together.
Band History:
The Transient Madness Lineup:

Wade Rasmussen - Voice
Pat Ryan - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jason Moser - Bass Guitar
Mike Peterson - Drums and percussion
Anything else...?
On behalf of all the members of Bad Karma, I would like to thank all of our fans from back in the day. I hope to someday put up a tribute site for some downloads, but until I do have fun with this. If you were a BK fan, check out my new band Bully @ www.bully-rocks.com. If I can find some of the other past members I will let you know what they are up to.

(07/05/06) Mike Peterson is on the Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder Drum team. He is also performing with JED, a heavy rock four-piece out of the Aberdeen, WA, area. They have just released a CD called "Synestisia" and are currently on tour. For more info check myspace or www.jedband.com.

(01/11/08) Mike has taken a position with the NSA as Agent P. he continues to perform with the world's best football team, the Seattle Seahawks. Mike is no longer with JED.

Thanks again for the support and good times...JMo
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