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Hi,we are The Dead Parrots Society from deepest Walthamstow in East London.Dreamy psychedelic folk/rock might possibly describe us.On the first album, more eclectic with some zany moments.Poignancy and wistfulness prevail through much of our music.Rockerilla's review of our second album saw John Cale/Nico-esq undertones.Others have seen Incredible String Band similarities which is more true of the first album.I'll buy that but Nick Drake or Tim Buckley might be closest to mark.
We have decided its time to have a web presence particularly as after ten years of a rather underground existence,we find that we're even more obscure than that.
There is no official band website but if youre into Astrology by any chance, our full astro-synastry is available in many pages of both western and chinese astrological systems.If you do venture there you'll also find some of our heroes such as Nirvana,The Doors and Syd Barrett in full astro-glory.
You might notice certain Pre-Raphaelite paintings appear in and around our music.Let's say that one of the agreements we made was that each album we did, should have a John Strudwick painting adorning it.Pre-Raphaelite dreamers to the end.
We welcome you to our corner of the web and thank you for passing this way.
Why this name?
Pure accident.Happened to call out to a cleaning lady at work that I had just enjoyed a film called "The Dead Poets Society".She replied "The Dead Parrots Society? Never seen that one".Our band's name was formed.Especially as I had recently written a song based on the Poet's film[its on Saint Cecilia]and we all loved John Cleese's epic parrot sketch.
Do you play live?
We did used to in 1991,not many because our efforts went into the rehearsals of "Music Of A Bygone Age" and the subsequent recording of it.
Acoustic and Folk venues in London when we did.
Also each member of the band was involved with other projects and their own bands.We were somewhat of a one-off for the album.Playing live is the ultimate experience.Its why most people want to be musicians.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet/mp3 medium is a complete revolution and godsend to many.Particularly to those unfortunate enough not to be able to leave their homes.It places people on an equal footing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Formed in 1991 with the goal of producing an album on vinyl without commercial considerations. We consequently gave most of the 500 copies away to friends and family.However a record collector came across one of them in 1994 and during the next few months, we found ourselves actually selling them for just a few £s each to both him and a German collectorBy 1995, most the copies had gone to various corners of the world.We have recently seen the album on the net sold for $100!But we ourselves failed to make the money that collectors appear to have.Saint Cecilia was our 1997 follow up but after intially selling 250 on vinyl, the sales dried up.We assumed the collectors interest in our first album hadn't turned to this one.However Italian magazine Rockerilla did review it favourably and put us at number 5 in their charts.Consequently some albums were sold to Italy.Now we have turned the vinyl into cd and the cd into mp3 with the purpose of re-awakening from our slumbers.Just last week we saw a used copy of Saint Cecilia sold in Italy for $28.Amazing considering we have 250 of them in the house unsold.Such is music and now our main aim is to let the DPS be heard worldwide rather than just circulating the collectors scene.
Your influences?
syd barrett,nick drake,tim buckley,neil young,nico,the doors,nirvana,joni mitchell,chris isaak,marty balin,incredible string band, manic street preachers,loreena mckennitt,thirteenth floor elevators,the who and many more.But we can't say that we sound like all of these.You can expect the gentler side of folk rock on our albums.
Favorite spot?
Walthamstow in East London.
Equipment used:
Mmmmm...a tough one.Think we'd better pass.
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