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Song written as leaving present spreads across the world

After 15 years as an advertising salesman with a publishing company, Manuel Battista expected the usual card and cheesy present when he left his job for pastures new...

What he didn’t expect was that his colleague Andrew Bailey would produce a specially-written Latin big band song to mark his departure.

“Hasta la Lista, Manuel Battista” charts his rise to fame as a keen cyclist and much-loved salesman. The lyrics note that he is “swapping his sharp leather saddle for the M25”.

The wheeze has resulted in an unexpected side-effect. As a result of friends and work colleagues visiting the web site to hear the song, it is flying up the online music charts.

It has been played on radio stations across the world, literally from Melbourne, Australia, to John O'Groat's in Scotland. The BBC has broadcast a feature on the song in the UK.

Said Manuel: “I was completely stunned. It’s a fabulous song! Everyone was dancing to it in the office!”

Reflecting Manuel’s roots, the song has a touch of Copacabana about it. “It’s Barry Manilow meets the Wurzels,” says Andrew, who has worked with Manuel for more years than he cares to remember.

“We are going to miss him, and we wanted to do something different. We’re sending him off with the sound of cow bells ringing in his ears.”

The song was written one lunchtime on Post-It notes, and recorded in Andrew's home studio.

To listen to the song, click the MUSIC link on this page.

POPTASTIC! The Musical set to open...

Another of Andrew's songs, "I never left your side", is featured on this page. It's from the new musical, POPTASTIC!, being staged for the first time later this month - at St Bede's School in Surrey.

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