The Graveyard Boogie Band
NEWS   "Blackfoot" is coming to the SPIRIT of the SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK & CAMPGROUND in Live Oak, Fl. April 3-5, 2008 for the 6th Annual Rock-N-Wheels Biker Rally. Visit for more info!
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play hi-fi  My Blood is Southern Rock & Roll (Live)
play hi-fi  Snake in the Road (Part II) electrified
play hi-fi  Snake in the Road (Part I) acoustic
play hi-fi  This Ole World (live) with Dru Lombar
play hi-fi  Fatal Fall
play hi-fi  Halloween Nite
play hi-fi  Blackfoot, Pat Travers & The GBB
play hi-fi  The Boogie Man
play hi-fi  My Blood is Southern Rock and Roll
play hi-fi  Guess I Never Will
I was playing around Jacksonville,Florida when my cousin Butch,Leon Wilkeson and I were playing churches and teen clubs. I was there when Donnie Vanzant and I played Sock Hops at the junior high. I was there when Donnie,Don Barnes and I hired Larry Johnstrom from "Skynyrd". Heck, I was there when Dickie Betts played week ends at the Forrest Inn with "The Second Coming" and "Lynyrd Skynyrd" was still "The One Percent". I've traded guitars with Drew Lumbar,drank beer with Sid Yocum, jammed at the "Savoy" with Duane Allman and sat in with "Dickey Betts and Great Southern". I was always with the right people, just never at the right time. There is no time like the present.This site is dedicated to the memory of: Duane Allman,Barry Oakley,Toy and Tommie Caldwell,Joe Dan Petty,Ronnie Vanzant,Steve and Cassie Gaines,Dean Kilpatrick,Allen Woody,Lamar Williams,Lowell George,and Stevie Ray Vaughn.If you would like to keep up with the old and new in Southern, visit my good friend, Skydog at you want,in my opinion,to hear one of the best Southern Rock bands on the planet,please visit
Why this name?
In 1968 I moved to Palmetto Fl. to live with my aunt and uncle. In 1969 I met a blues harp player named Dave York, AKA, Rockbottom. He introduced me to some musicians and we started learning some tunes. We ran an add in the news paper for a drummer as we didn't know any. One guy resonded to the add. His name was Larry Klophenstein and was a mortician by trade. He pulls up in this 1955 hearse he bought from the funeral home and starts unloading drums. That was the original "Graveyard Boogie Band".
Do you play live?
Yes we do. Right now, just in Fl. But we're wide open for possibilities.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives an opportunity to musicians and bands who, otherwise, would have no other way to be exposed to the world. The "People" decide whether you're made or broken...not Madison Ave.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course.
Your influences?
Albert Collins, B.B.King, Jerry Garcia, Otis Rush, Duane Allman, Dickey Betts and Billy Gibbons.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
The Graveyard endorses Marshall and Fender amps, Gibson and Fender guitars, Pearl drums and Dean Markley and Elixer strings.
Anything else...?
Check out Hogan Entertainment at and The Spirit of the Swaunnee Music Park and Campground at
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