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We are The Phone Holes, we are the next generation of prank phone callers. Taking after the Jerky Boys and other great prank callers of our time, The Phone Holes are poised to take over the prank phone call market. Consisting of 5 members, The Phone Holes or TPH as they have come to be known are chronic masterbaters, even part rapist. Check your caller IDs cause The Phone Holes are making drunken calls to your area soon.
Why this name?
I dont know, I just woke up and banged my asshole one day and the name seemed right.
Do you play live?
F*** You
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I dont care
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yeah, Im sure every label is looking for us right now..... right.
Band History:
The group actually started with 2 members 5 years ago under the name "The F***ing Assholes" and released 2 albums in 3 years to much local fanfare. (Albums still available, email me). Many of the same characters are still alive today in The Phone Holes.
Your influences?
The Jerky Boys, Bart Simpson, not Crank Yankers (too scripted), The F***ing Assholes, Fat People, A Jew Guy I met one time, Paper Clip Head Smith
Favorite spot?
Ackley Iowa
Equipment used:
A computing device
Anything else...?
Buy the CD or else we'll calls your moms.
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