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play hi-fi  Fractal Nature _ featuring Max Igan
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play hi-fi  ItsAConspiracy - featuring MC Paranoyd
play hi-fi  Born to Shop
play hi-fi  Feeding Frenzy _ featuring Jordan Maxwell
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The Rule:
"No limits. Samplers rule."

Make it or break it, that rule rules.
Why this name?
brap - v. - 1. to make a loud or vulgar sound; 2. to gather together, hook-up electronic instruments, get high and record
Do you play live?
Nope. Well, not in front of people, so much...not anymore. In fact, I rarely leave home. But I do *play* live, sure. And yes, those moments can be rather special. I have been upgrading the studio here to better allow me to capture things so that you might judge for yourself.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We are moving into a whole new paradigm of music distribution...of entertainment distribution, really; that of the 'merit-based' system, whereby fans reward the creators each according to their own, cutting-out the big media conglomerate crap entirely. No amount of promotion can beat natural internet buzz...mark those words. (UPDATE! Ahem, I would like to point a finger at Nine Inch Nails' wonderful re-shaping of the industry since I wrote the previous. The world's a'changin'!)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It's a possibility I've entertained...but then again, sometimes I imagine trolls and faeries to entertaining effect, too. What was the question again? OH, yeah, I like fiction! Dark Tower, woot!
Band History:
Was in one actual band...called Rorschach. Used to gig around the Monterey Bay Area of Central California. We had some great shows, but after 5 years it just imploded. Been *almost* solo since; sometimes Whelp grabs the mic, fires-up his effects madness and flows in. Not so much now that he lives in Nevada and I live in California...but technology will one day rescue us from this mere issue of spacial displacement. ;) That band name is yet secret to all but a very few. Stay tuned.
Your influences?
The sampler is an open doorway into sound. All genres and styles can be levelled against each other...*with* each other. Add hard drums to that and you have a good beginning of an idea. Band-wise? Skinny Puppy (of course), Aphex Twin, Plaid, Autechre, The Black Dog, Luke Vibert, Van Halen, The Beach Boys, Mozart, FSOL, FLA, Some More Crime, Drome, XMtP, ALL of electronic music since about 1982 (and some before!), really. Could you ask a harder question? Sheesh.
Favorite spot?
Big Sur, California
Equipment used:
Ableton: Live; Korg: Electribe SX-1, PadKONTROL; Alesis: QuadraVerb GT, MidiVerb III; E-MU: Pro/Cussion, X-Board25; and some other stuff too old to bother with most days...I am learning to adapt old knowledge to new gear, one piece at a time these past few years. Fun. :)
Anything else...?
I see the disease
and I know the cure...
and more war it is not.
Fractal Nature
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