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Sonical Dreams
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Sonical#Dreams is the project for instrumental-electronic music (some call it Ambient, New Age or whatever), I like the word "Schwingungen".

Why this name?
it´s choosen in a time, where we were more people and the (wellknown) Rudi Stember found the name, the '#' was very important for him ;)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it helped hobbymusicans to present their work, unfortunately the industry has nowerdays different reasons to release music (of all kinds)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
ofcourse! who´ll not is mad or millionar
Band History:
it all began in the golden times of the world-ruling C64.
The Holy Grail from Argony and me (MF from MDG (Masters´DesignGroup)) wanted to join as a project, and for a time also A-Man was a member.
that was in the 80s...

when I begun making music again, I remembered this project and asked Rudi (The Holy Grail) if he is with this idea or more, but he is so busy in making game+filmmusic that the only member (at the moment) is just me (MF)
Your influences?
all musicans which where played at the Radio-show "Schwingungen", in detail just to name some:
Tangerine Dream, Cusco, Wahnfried (Klaus Schulze), Gandalf, Kitaro, Ash-Ra Temple, Yello, Kraftwerk, Andreas Vollenweider, Rudi Stember, Chris Hülsbeck, De-Zent, Mike Post, Jan Hammer, Hans Zimmer, Jean-Michel & Maurice Jarre, Vangelis, Moroder and so on...
Favorite spot?
my studio: CrAzY-SoUnDlAbS
Equipment used:
Yamaha QS300, E-MU Xtreme-Lead1, E-MU Planet Earth, E-MU Orbit V2(the dance planet), E-MU P1+P2+P3, E-MU Orbit 3, E-MU Mo´Phatt, Roland Vintage-Synth-Module M-VS1, Roland JV-1010 with Session- and Asia-Board, Korg Legacy Collection and rebuyed Roland MC-303.
everything sequenced by my Cubase SE
Anything else...?
love the music, hate the drugs
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