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NEWS   'Oh My God It's Visceral and Obscene.' Sattori just recorded material for their new album "Sleepwash" which will be in your hand in July 2006.
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Why this name?
when you reach enlightenment, you begin to speak enlightenment, you begin to play enlightenment.
Do you play live?
NUSUFAYA Tour 2005 with Fifty50.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We'll see when the time comes.
Band History:
One warm day in 2004 when the buzzards were buzzing, Chris Greene (guitar) and Stephen Reynolds (drums) decided that something needed to be done to stimulate Denton's stale music scene. With the help of Robert Fennell (bass) and Conor Wallace (vocals), they are doing just that.

In March 2005, Sattori released their first E.P. infamously known as “Lullaby E.P.” which was a 20-minute venture through skewed time and space. The disc touched thousands. The band decided it was time to show their faces and had their greatest exposure during the NUSUFAYA Tour with Fifty50 during June 2005. It was a crash course and many lessons were learned but the band didn't see any need to stop so the writing continued.

During autumn 2005 through early spring 2006, the band focused on defining a sound that they could call their own. This included a brief encounter with Trenton Reeves (guitar). He added what some might call H’cooc. This means he was awesome but too awesome. Practices became more difficult as they struggled to balance the sound. Sattori fell into a funk.

But, like all great heroes, Sattori took a punch, fell off the horse, broke bones, and still came out on top. In May 2006, Sattori decided it was time to release something new, besides the death threats that were coming in left and right. With that, Sattori has recorded all the material for their next CD entitled “Sleepwash” which will be released in the later part of July 2006. Keep your ears peeled for Album of the Year.
Your influences?
the mars volta, at the drive-in, far, coheed&cambria, thursday, the blood brothers, quicksand, many more.
Favorite spot?
Denton, TX
Equipment used:
guitars chords drums strings, you name it, we use it. this includes pencils, pens.
Anything else...?