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John Hammink
NEWS   Next stop (TBA): Shanghai China (1-2.7 2006); Taipei, Taiwan (4.7.2006); plus Cleveland, Louisville, Lexington and Detroit U.S.A. Venues TBA!!!
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World music songwriting that transcends the single band. Music made round the world from 1990-2002. These songs are my legacy material.

My life is an experiential journey of my own design and some of the end result has been recorded and/or live music and spoken word.

I play a variety of instruments and sing/talk.

Most of the songs on this page date from my recordings between 1995's "4" (under the Moniker Mr. Chaos, in Detroit Michigan U.S.A.) through to 2002's "In Stereo" (with Add Lib Lounge, in Helsinki, Finland).

There are also some glimpses here of 1997-9s "Mr. Chaos Trio" from Mid-Finland; 2000's Bahasa Mix, from Malaysia; and
2001's Jazz sessions from Helsinki (with the Black Tuesday Quartet); and 2004 activist bluegrass recordings against GW Bush's "No Child Left Behind" schooling initiative.

I hope you enjoy it.
Do you play live?
Between 2007-9 I've been working out of a local studio "Studio Hoor" and with a variety of acts and producers, including Peter Coon from Petrozavodsk, Russia and the Swedish "Dazz Synth" out of Malmo. I've also been travelling and touring worldwide, usually on the back of other engineering/non-music projects, to promote mine and my friends' music.

More lately I've performed showcases, and often my performances are unnanounced. Previous venues have included Fashionexpo 2008 (Malmö, Sweden), "Carrefour des Cultures" festival (Monnai, France), Viljandi Folk Festival, (Estonia); and a number of performances in Shanghai, China; and Taipei Taiwan!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The immediacy of expression and the infinite possibility of audience.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Indeed. The journey is the key here... ;)
Band History:
I have self-produced nine solo E-Ps since 1991.

What sort of music? Well, I like to think a little of everything . I find the best musicians wherever end up - or else I do it myself!

Since 2002, I have embarked on several (as yet unreleased) endeavors including solo acoustic guitar a la Leo Kottke at festivals worldwide; performance poetry (2003, across the U.S.A.); Chamber Choir Performance (2003-4; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania); and lately Tuvan Overtone Singing and drone with String and Rhythm (2006).

Your influences?
Hasse Walle and Ndioba of Senegal, G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Michael Hedges, Preston Reed, Robert Palmer, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Cockburn, Jonathan Cope, Miles Davis, Pierre Bensusan, Joe Pass, John McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, The Whirling Dervishes of Instanbul....
Favorite spot?
Dunno yet.
Equipment used:
Equipment has varied over the years. These days I work with a variety of acoustic instruments (including my own voice), some dynamic microphones and world sound samples.
Anything else...?
I'm currently working on an "acoustic groove" project, intended to reinvent acoustic music with a surprising twist!
Scorpions in a hot pink sea
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