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Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper
Take Me To The Sun
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05/14/07 @ 01:50 PM     5 comments
89,743 times
A story about a ladybug who sees the sun and tries to fly there. On the way she falls and dies. But the sun and all the lil bugs cry and a sun tear lands on the ladybug, POOF! she's reborn and goes to the sun.
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Band History:
William Alexander Cooper (born January 15, 1973), known by his artist name Alex Cooper, is an American electronic musician. Alex's music has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times over the years. His first release "Dream" (2007 ) featured the ever popular song "Take Me To The Sun"; which stayed at number one for weeks at Soundclick. The song was also featured in the movie "Dollgatory" (2007). On October 7. 2013 Alex released his second album "Everlasting"; which is a collection of his best work over the last six years.
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