Peruvian Plug (Free DL)
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DJ Digum
Don't Try That Sh*t - 894568326
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play hi-fi  Vintage Keys
play hi-fi  SloFiz
play hi-fi  Little Ditty
play hi-fi  Horizon
play hi-fi  Wanda's March
play hi-fi  Lost Voice
play hi-fi  The Abyss
play hi-fi  Morph To Asian Sunset
play hi-fi  Vacuume Space
play hi-fi  Migraine
This project (DigiTube) is to create an ambiant atmosphere that somtimes tells a story and transports the listener to another place and time or just lets you chill-out and relax your mind. I try to keep it interesting.
My band is a solo project actually. From time to time I will collaborate with other artists and soundclick musicians. Check here for links to collaborations with other members.
Why this name?
I like a fat tube sound but also believe a digital emulation can be spot on. So if I believe it why not live it.
Do you play live?
No! Been there done that for too long. I like to be creative on my own project studio.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes indeed, I think the change is slow but the music industry was a dinosaur and needed prodding to jump into the 90's.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the label believes in my work and not try to make the artist something artificial.
Your influences?
DJ Sasha, James Bernard, TC @ spacemusic podcast,
Again I like misicial textures that can create a story and transform the listener there. Kind of like a movie soundtrack but without the visuals
Equipment used:
Sonor6, Live6, Stylus RMX, RME Fireface, Yamaha and Korg rack modules, Windows XP/64 AMD dual core Athlon.
Anything else...?
Mackie universal control, Fatar, CME and M-audio keyboards. Berhinger and KRK monitors.
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