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Reckless (PDX)
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Reckless was the shred when shred wasn't cool. These are songs that will blow your mind.
Why this name?
Ask Tony.
Do you play live?
This band is now defunct. Tony can be heard around Portland or at his music store, Jason Dunn was last seen plaing with Craving Theo, and Jason Moser is playing guitar for Bully.
Band History:
Reckless was a Portland, OR, band in the early 90's that came from the ashes of Havuk, another local hard rock band. The band originally consisted of Tony Gaglio (Guitar), Jason Dunn (Drums), Marty Robbins (Bass) and Carlton (Vocals). The band later recruited Jason Moser to take over bass duties and for the vocal tracks included here a guy named Chris screamed on.

As a live act, it was not uncommon to see the guys play the entire Surfing With the Alien record, as well as other covers from Malmsteen, Vai and Van Halen.
Your influences?
Rock, Bach, and Roll.
Anything else...?
Reckless was:
Tony Gaglio - Guitars, backing vocals
Jason Moser - Bass
Jason Dunn - Drums

Other Members:
Marty Robbins - Bass
Carlton Coffin- Vocals
Marty ? - Vocals
Chris - Vocals