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Game & Soundtrack
Bug in the System
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We're a trio based in Oporto, in Northwestern Portugal. Our songs are generally written by Jorge Simões (voices, guitars) and then arranged by all the members: Hernâni Carqueja (bass, keyboards, harp) and Vítor Teodósio (drums, percussions). Our songs are home recorded and there are many more in store where these came from.
Why this name?
The name Bug in the System's meaning is pretty obvious... A game of words anybody can relate to.
Do you play live?
We sometimes play some gigs mainly for the fun of it. There's nothing as stimulating for a musician as standing in front of a live audience. Plus, the songs have an added strength when played live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Of course there's a revolution going on in places such as soundclick where you can show your art without having to be signed by a record company. The internet, MP3, represent an important part of taday's music that leave the majors unarmed.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Is there anybody out there? Signing to a major label gives you the opportunity of getting to a larger audience. It takes away your freedom in a way... It teaches you, gets you organized and may give you more freedom than you ever had in the long run.
Band History:
We've been playing together for very long, which obviously enables us to freely improvise when playing together, and have been in contact with many different musical styles throughout the years. We've all somehow been connected in other bands such as Stress, Banda do Cidadão, Beriberi and more.
Your influences?
Our influences are so wide it's too hard to name them... From the Beatles and the Stones - and classical - to what many artists are achieving today, it's all part of our music lives. Music hasn't got - and mustn't have - time.
Favorite spot?
Well, we like to travel the world. Hellooo? Major record companies?
Equipment used:
We believe in doing it simple. Music doesn't necessarily need very complex equipments. But if somebody wants to sponsor, we're open to suggestions...
Anything else...?
WE WANT TO BECOME RICH AND FAMOUS! No, really... That would be really nice but we're doing just great.
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