OH Napier
NEWS   9-13-2006- Making it National with my Tubby Final Four song. You can read about it today at CBS-SportsLine.com. To find all this information go to www.ohnapierandbrowneyes.net Have "Land Of 666" ready for sell as they are selling around town and by mail to OH Napier- Box 392-Jackson, ky, 41339 send 12$ for cd and mail. Also have many different Eastern KY History books for sale on my website. See pictures on my soundclick PICTURES or on home website. Thanks OH
Headlines From The Hills..Episode #1
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Too Loud(New Heat!!!)
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OH- Sept 27-2007 8pm--- you my brothers are still alive or you would not be reading my new soundclick page. I have lost a few last couple months and I know many of you have. Anyways-Love you Guys and Gals and lately I have found many friends with all people. I have met so many new nice people in ploitics. God it felt good to be out there and the ladies were so lovely. I still think many times about that look you gave me at the Skills Center. Honey I was startled but if there is ever a next time, me and you will be there when the janitor locks the final door for the night. Think about the darkness and just me chasing you. Remember how wild we were. God you tore my best shirt off me and God I caused you a divorce. You drove me wild. OH
Why this name?
My band is named OH- just a one man band. Can take care of many needs etc music, even wash dishes in the nude for the money. OH
Do you play live?
I play live everytime I pick up my guitar. Do my best singing at funerals of my friends that loved my music while they wre here. Now thay are taking it with them to different places. OH
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet is a great gift to creatice people like us who love our music. Use it wisely as God has gave it to us to make us all One world and One person- getting to deep there. OH
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Are you f***en crazy- There are no more record deals/ Nashville is Dead' Look at the stars they have- trash
Your influences?
DYLAN- I named my youngest boy after him &
LYNYRD SKYNYRD- Lord all the parties I sing their songs & WILLIE NELSON- I love him & BLACK SABBATH-in my younger days
Favorite spot?
In the mountains of Eastern KY.
Equipment used:
anything I can learn how to operate and make music. Must be doing pretty good with five Number one songs on the soundclick charts in Acoustic and Country
Anything else...?
Have CD's you can buy throught the mail for $10 and $2 mail send to OH Napier--Box 392--Jackson, Ky, 41339 Title - In The Land of 666 - it has fifteen song on it which are all the songs available on soundclick as mp3 downloads. If you need more infor. email me at oh_napier@yahoo.com or go to www.ohnapierandbrowneyes.net