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Blues Shakeout
NEWS   we're really looking forward to a Boogaloo gig at the Bembridge Coast Hotel, Isle of Wight on 3-6th June 2005. See beside playing we're looking forward to hearing a whole load of great players, including Robin Bibi, Charles Walker and loads of others. All for £169 incl 3 nights half-board (good nosh, too) - a steal!
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We play electric blues, with influences from Chicago all the way down to Texas with side-trips to Florida and the Bayou. There’s just a hint of country in there too.

The band has run for 5 years, first as Maxwell Street Blues Band and for the last 2 years as Blues Shakeout.

We offer a basically uptempo Rhythm & Blues experience and have successfully played repeat gigs ranging from ‘listening’ audiences at pub, club and specialist venues, through to ‘mad-for-it’ jive dancing club audiences.
Why this name?
Cos we're Blue and Shakin - uh-oh. No, really: because we wanted to get the uptempo blues idea over. We're a bit peeved that our little strap-line: 'Rhythm & Blues as God Meant It' has been misunderstood. Turns out in these post-modern, paranoid times that we have to say: this is ironic. Now how f***ing uncool is that?
Do you play live?
we play about once a week live, which is great. We like almost all the venues we've played from the Rivoli Ballroom, Lewisham (to die for Edwardian, Catford Blues Club, through the rockingest local pubs to a monastery. it's difficult to choose, but one of our favourites is Pissarro's in Hastings where we've been playing for about 3 years and the people are so-o cool. The dancers are nutty and the candles on the table never go out! recently, we did a boogaloo blues festival and that was just great. Check out
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It democratises it
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Er, yes
Band History:
Who are those guys?

Dave Danger—vocals
After 25 years on the road full-time with heavy-rocking band, The Dangers, the man saw the light and came home to the Blues. He’s paid his dues, and got the experience, the craft skills, to pick up an audience and make them fly.

Jim Lowton—Drums
Recently joined powerhouse of the band, Jim brings a love of The Band, Little Feat and classic rock to drumming. He cites Levon Helm and Jim Keltner as influences and he's only 30!

Carl Marshall Harp, Tenor and Alto Saxes
The Corps of Drums taught this man everything he knows. First got a band together in the Falklands in 1992 because the beer had run out. Once played ‘Rawhide’ 6 times over to the civilians at Port Stanley Town Hall because that’s what the people liked. Sound a familiar story?

Tony Ward-Keyboards
Boogie-woogie piano and so-o smooth Hammond sounds—nice! Another battle-hardened entertainer, spending every night in a 5-ton lorry travelling over Falklands sheep tracks to bring Rock’n’Roll to the furthest outposts of the Empire.

Jon Roberts– Guitars
The newest member of the band, with a long history of professional and semi-pro playing in the clubs and theatres of Britain and Ireland. Jon's playing is fluent, lyrical AND rocking. A really inventive lead player and solid rhythm

Craig Booth-Bass
First picked up a bass guitar in 1973 and claims to have headlined Edison Lighthouse at Blackburn Kings Hall. Played punk-before-punk with the Fallen Angels, and revived an interest in music (life?) with Monty’s Python in 1996. Now come home to first love, RnB-tinged Blues
Your influences?
Southern blues, Chicago, Bayou. Increasingly , the Allmans. In fact we're in love with Gregg Allman at the moment - check out 'Searchin for Simplicity'. Just lately we've really started grooving off Steve Earle - he means it.
Favorite spot?
Pissarro's, Hastings
Equipment used:
The guitarist often talks about his tools, but at the end of the day, who really listens to a guitarist talking about guitars? The rest of the guys have stuff, mainly works.
Anything else...?
For a big sound, good time Blues Band, check us out
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