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Hum The Singer
Smile Like A Child
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The last song I ever wrote... :-)
Safe House
New School
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I'm Hum and I LOVE music, I cant help it, its drug, an aphrodisiac.
Soporific in its power, helps me stay awake and puts me to sleep.
Its more powerful than the wind and more gentle than a babies sigh.
It's my task, in this universe, to spread the knowledge of sound vibration as a force for good.
To teach the unteachable, to spread chaos and love over the entire cosmos.
I love to make peoples hair stand on end when I sing and if I can make someone happier with my music then I will die a happy man. My claim to fame is refusing a record deal with Virgin Records, and I'm bloody glad I did.
Why this name?
Got my name while travelling with the convoy around Stonehenge during the 80s. Long story, very interesting but long...
Do you play live?
Back up on stage after a 3 year break yippee :-)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I wish it would take the money side of music and shove it somewhere the sun don't shine but then most humans are in it for the money not the spirit. The internet has given me a chance to give my music away for free with almost no cost to me and thats the way I like it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I've been writing songs for twenty two years now and sold many albums while busking on the streets of Britain. I started when I was 15 but had classical training from an early age. I have played with Hawkwind on the travellers circuit as a guest and have played La Scala in Italy. Also played with Roy Harper in a field by accident on a hot july day in '86. The history of me is endless so I wont bore you with anymore details... Its the music, that will tell you all about me...
Your influences?
Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Crass, Yes, David Bowie, Punk music, Classical, Jazz, Dance, to name but a bit of my influences.
Favorite spot?
Exeter and a little valley in Wales called The Elan Valley
Equipment used:
A guitar
The rose
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