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play hi-fi  new-Millennium Vernon Johns
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play hi-fi  Racism, tearing the fabric's flair!
thanx for experiencing "veRAPcity styles" it is but a small element of Our Works, in combating Inequality which grips minorities. We come together under the premise that Dr. MLKJr. alluded to;

*...if you're not fighting Racism, then you're cooperating with it...*

Therefore, all anti-Racism audio you experience here is strategically/intentionally created by Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and Asians. From places such as, Sinaloa MX, Ireland, Jamaica, Grenada, Canada, Detroit MI, and South Africa. We figured...hey...if you despise Racism *it's just like that*when contributing to this music style which is NOT RAP, but a style called "veracious lyricism" bka...

*that 'REAL' which People Hate, to have to think about*

It is borne from the streets along Detroit's Schoolcraft Ave. & the *hila monster deserts* of southern Arizona, via being 'too Black in a strong Mind & Will seeking Equality' which results into, Alienation & Exclusion from:

*Corporate America
*Music Industry
*Social Circles
*Work places...

so...hopefully you can connect with that which is known to pose as 'Ghost' which shakes Xenophobia's bed.
Why this name?
veracity - RAP = veRAPcity
Do you play live?
Yes. Any place where folk will tolerate us.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It changes music, drastically. As artists now have the choice to try and reach 'individual thinkers' who are disenchanted with how major labels silence major-artist's Equality collateral, within ANY intellectual recordings.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I once tried suicide, but...HELL wanted NO PART of me!
Your influences?
The Entire Music World, apart from, The Music 'Business' per say.
Equipment used:
Whatever we have been blessed, to have before us, at the time of any recording...real talk

when creating music from a non-profit positioning, resources/fundage is a rarity! Remember, there's no such thing as "RECORD SALES" with veRAPcity styles. Ever. Therefore, all recordings literally occur through *God's Good Graces* in places like;

*bedroom closets full of old wool clothing
*storage-unit facilities
*recording studio philanthropy
*porcelain-heavy bathrooms

~and anywhere else that CAN NOT prevent the msg. from being disseminated, for combating Inequality~
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