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#ripAvicii (Avicii Type EDM / Pop Beat!)
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New Westminster
British Columbia
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Song Writer

Written between 1970 to present
recorded between 1970 to present
various recording situations
This page is at present a compilation of demos I have made over the years. Most of these songs are published through my publishing company "hitest publishing" SOCAN and are available for co-publishing if there is interest in re-recording from other artists for commercial release. More will be added in time. Hope you like the songs.
Why this name?
it's how I sign my name
Do you play live?
Whenever I can get a gig of course.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Frankly it has kind of screwed it up in a way--I prefer records actually --Digital will eventually (maybe) equal analog recording but the fact remains that digital is not capable of offering the same sound quality. MP3 cuts out a huge portion of fidelity over a wave file. And a wave file isn't even close to how it sounds from the source. So it goes.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Do they still exist?
Band History:
As a song writer Basil Watson has written for other artists including Long John Baldry--The Powder Blues--Susan Jacks--Lynne Taylor Donovan.
As a performer since the early 70s, too much to mention.
Your influences?
Otis Redding, the Association- 5th Dimention - early Stones - Donovan -Dylan-Beach Boys-old blues and country- folk- and a lot more
Favorite spot?
I love the water and warm weather
Equipment used:
I have used more equipment than I can remember. A large portion of these songs were recorded on a Sony TC630 sound on sound. A small portion I used a Fostex R8 with SMPTI time code and midi, and a smaller portion done in commercial studios. As a multi instrumentalist I played most of the parts. That was affordable.
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