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play hi-fi  hold the worry line
play hi-fi  ...26 years
play hi-fi  der mahier hat wichsi gsaht
play hi-fi  let´s grow a beard
play hi-fi  loo
play hi-fi  anti-Elfists
play hi-fi  lady nuss
play hi-fi  derwischpilot
play hi-fi  o/u inventors
play hi-fi  bibiblocksberg
die Kiste azul-examinou wandeln sich Jungen augenblicklich von den Meistern mau große dispostos um

I make music with gameboy and nanoloop 1.2/1.3, yamaha vss 30 and many other devices. check song info for further orientation. You can of course tell me how you like it. You can also go to to read stupid blog entries i write every now and then.