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rd 3 vs DRUG.
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Mon Jan 26, 2009
HipHop : Hip Hop General
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I laugh at people who are black and emo//
especially when they rap and get the same wrap as cee-lo//
u said that you half latino//
does that mean you over pack bongs, and just dont pass to people//

and relax your ego cause your fat and feeble//
pushing keys, cause that fact drug weighs a kilo//
and crack is evil,
so ask your mom when she backs her ass
to not lean cause I can see her pee hole//

and in light of his rapping//
the truth is this dude's words dont go right with his actions//
cause he fights like a faggot//
a Drug that got as much kick as a whole flinstone vitamin tablet//

and you aimed for votes to make the 3rd, damn//
got a ring so big it could fit on wird of pley's girl's hand//
I can hurt this man
hit his glass jaw so hard that it would start to turn to sand//
and you ugly as f***, so you get no love//
aint no crack head slut, would admit to "do drugs"//
this dude must suck,
cause really Drugs must not be that good, if he aint got that buzz//

it don't matter what this herb does//
i don;t need to study pharmacy to know how to serve drugs///
u got burned cuz///
I smoked "Drugs" so many times im afraid maybe I might turn dumb//

and don't believe what he writes down//
he aint really hood when he stay living in a nig white town//
as of right now,
Obama aint the only light brown livin in this big white house//

i think it alarming that you made it far as this//
today is trash day, and you garbage bi***//
and there aint no way you commanding respect//
a label wouldnt even cut you a reality check//

and if this was hold 'em ,somebody should of told em//
we don't play with jokers, we just fold em//
so just be grateful and just live for the moment//
im pulling ya 'card' after the 3rd like anquon boldin//