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rd 2 (myke sean)
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Fri Jan 09, 2009
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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aight, listen up mikey/
its likely u aint winning unless the fat lady's singing the right key//
u can pick the right beat,
but still flop, cause im still hot even if this site freeze//
your plan to be rich//
ditch it, I could turn to a fly but still wouldnt be a fan of your shit, listen//
when your demo plays// people say this fellow is gay//
cause myke couldn't be hard in lemonade//
your raps lack swag dumby//
it's like havin a chick but got no ass buddy//
like having a whip but got no gas money//
cause sean wouldnt get a cher (share), if he could cast sunny//
you scummy, wash yourhead dawg//
cuz ur cornrows got more flakes, than a kellogs//
am I dead wrong? if I said Sean wouldnt be sh*** unless he adlibed on some biggie songs//
aint no body praising this queer//
like we all got shaved heads, cause you aint really raising no hair//
plus people dont notice your here//
the only impression you making is in the rug from the butt on your chair //
mykes a definite lame, with a hint a gay//
found it kinda sad when i visit his page//
every track sound the same with a different name//
only dynamic mics ive seen is on stage//
he said his accent is street//
but the fact is, that we all laugh when he speaks,//
from the south, so we know that his rapping is weak//
he can slow a drum down, but still aint catching a beat//
you dont have enough voters to please//
cuz you getting beat so bad there aint no motive to cheat
plus they say there aint no i in a team//
and mykes without an i so why the "sean" (seein')//
and I aint in to whores//
but does your girl likes history, is she into war?//
and tell me what u enter for//
just cause u hit the board, don't mean u emeka ekaford (sp?)//
so go back and post some shitty old track//
get all views, with no one hittin you back//
dont you get it you wack//
u can turn mike all the way up and still get no feedback//