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Ulla Lindstroem
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Ulla released a NEW CD in August 2008 called " I Go On Dreaming". Again it's 12 new original songs by and with Ulla and recorded in Nashville TN. Samples and stories behind on Ullas main web-site, as well as on YouTube Video, by the same name. Please go and check it out and share it with your friends.

Ullas Debut CD - "A Dream Come True" - released in Dec. 2005:

Take 12 original, melodic, 'ear catching' pop-songs, add the best professional 'Sound of Nashville', some positive 'life philosophic', humoristic and spiritual lyrics, then add a calm and pleasant female singer and even add a little swing to it too. Then you will have 'A Dream Come True' with Ulla Lindstroem. 52 minutes of great entertainment, wonderful steel guitar and food for thoughts. Any music lover will enjoy this album, young as well as old.

Ulla Lindstroem is an experienced singer and songwriter from Denmark, with many years of public performances on her resume, including National Danish Radio. 'A Dream Come True' is Ulla’s debut album, with 12 original songs of her own, recorded at Mikron Studios, outside of Nashville, TN, produced by Mike Headrick and released on Country Discover Records.

Ulla’s debut single, called 'It's Buying Time Again', was released on August 1st. 2005, on Country Discovery Records, Summer 2005 Compilation CD. With only that one first song, she managed to get on the charts for 'Mostly Played Country Mainstream artist' World Wide as well as on the same charts for Australia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, - four times in just three months. Encouraged by that, Ulla decided to go 'all the way' and publish her first CD. Ullas songs has been getting airplay on radio stations all around the world in average 250 times each month since the release of her debut album and enough to place her on the charts as Most Played Mainstrean Country Artist more than 50 times. Seven of her songs has been on the ECMA charts as Most Played Songs.A pretty amazing and good start for a debut album. If you listen to it, you will know why.

The songs on 'A Dream Come True' are originals in more than one way. The lyrics are warm, positive, caring and humoristic, including holistic and spiritual values.
The melodies are catchy, not like 'all the others,' but still something that most people will enjoy from the start, and for years to come. You will hear story telling, ballads, happy swing, reflections and sentimental love songs, that all fits together. All wrapped up in the best 'Sound of Nashville' with lots of steel guitar.

Read more about Ulla’s amazing experience and journey of making her dream come true, on her web-site. It's like a fairytale; - from just wanting a 'once-in-a-lifetime-experience' of a professional recording session in Nashville, to ending up with a CD, that actually hits the charts worldwide. Not something that happens to everyone, every day.

FIND ULLA ON: or just type:

Why this name?
That is my name.
Do you play live?
I don't play live just now, since 'my band' is the Mikron Studio Band in Tennessee. I do lectures though about making your dreams come true, including some of my music and my fairytale story.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The opportunities of the Internet is fantastic. I am now on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, CD-Baby, Netlog (and more) with samples of my music. Digital download may be next.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe? Not sure. I love to be independent and decide everything by myself.
Band History:
SOME HISTORY - Musical Background on Ulla Lindstroem:

For many years Ulla has been singing with bands: Country Music, Swing Music, and Rock-Pop-Oldies.
As 8 years old: Wrote first song (lyrics & melody) that was published in a Guitar textbook.
As 12 years old: Started writing personal songs (lyrics) for party-celebrations for friends.
As 15 years old: Learnt a few chords on the guitar.
As 15 years old: Started writing lots of songs (lyrics & melodies).
As 17 years old: Started writing songs (lyrics & melodies) for local Revues & Cabarets.
As 17 years old: Started singing in her first band, a Country Band called ’Just Us’ (..modest, but great!)
As 20 years old: Wrote a jingle-song for Danish Radio, P2 (’Syng & Spil med’) used for a couple of years.
For several years Singing Swing music with ’Mostly Swing’, sometimes with Frits Von Bülow.
For several years singing with ’5WD’, a party band: Country, Rock, Pop etc.
Performances: almost ’everywhere’ in North-East Denmark incl. Radio Shows on DR.
Since childhood: Acting in local theatres, mostly Musicals, Revues & Cabarets.
Performances in: Hillerød Revy, Revy Chancen, Mød mig på Cassiopeia, Sommer i Tyrol and lots more.
Since 1998: Acting as instructor / producer / song coach on Musicals on a local Theatre stage.
Productions: Annie, Skatteøen, Ester, Frk. Nitouche, Farinelli, and more.
Your influences?
My greatest influence is Country Music, but I love all kinds of melodic music and lyrics with a meaning and a message. Old swing and musicals are also close to my heart, as well as Gospell.
Favorite spot?
Machu Picchu - the ancient Inka ruins, in the Andes in Peru!
Equipment used:
I use Band In A Box as a demo tool for my songs. Great tool for song writers!
Anything else...?
My 2nd CD " I GO ON DREAMING" was released in Aug. 2008. It is dedicated to the DJs who helped me go on dreaming, with all their fantastic support of my first CD " A DREAM COME TRUE" (Dec. 2005).

ALL OF MY SONGS are my own originals and ALL are recorded in Nashville TN....and ALL are getting airplay all over the world....thanks to many wonderful DJs.

ON TOP OF THE CHARTS: Please see updates on:

There is a NEWSPAGE there too and my fairytalestory as well as ALL my lyrics and stories behind. And of course LINKS to where you can find me.
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