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NEWS   Peace/Love/Prosper and remember, we are only here for a short time and the time is to short.
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play hi-fi  Cry Wolf
play hi-fi  Years Been Good to You
play hi-fi  Perception of the Eye
play hi-fi  ARUBA
play hi-fi  Ole Man's Friend
play hi-fi  A Good Thang
play hi-fi  We're on the hunt
play hi-fi  Slippin out that back door
play hi-fi  bumba rumba your mumba bumba
play hi-fi  Fly By
Brothers: Jon, Kev & Mar, welcome you to our sounds.
PEACE! Promote PEACE with MUSIC!

Hey, support our Brothers and Sisters fighting for our freedom in the Armed Services!
Almighty God, bring them back safe,
Why this name?
Bro Jamms is short for Brothers Jon & Mar's Music Systems. Featuring Bro Kev on guitars & synth!
Do you play live?
Many places through the years and many crazy/fun/exciting/strange moments!
Jammin w/Bros Jon, Kev & Mar is so synergetic, reaching plains of spirtual existance with a spontanious hook!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes, we can share our improv music, get some feedback! Turn visitors on to our musical journeys!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We are self perpetuating and having a great time! We don't need no stinkin contract! Is somebody gonna try and stop us?! All kidding aside, "never close doors before they are opened", that's about as serious as we're gonna get.
Band History:
Jon: lead vocal, percussion...spontaneous improv lyrics, (no subject taboo), melodies, laughter!
Kev: trumpet, sax, keys, w/guitar synth, melodic inspiration, chordal variations, structural incantations, laughter!
Mar: bass, vocals, midi stuff, da-root, canned drums, laughter.
Your influences?
Zappa Dr John Boz Scaggs Steely Dan Motown Jazzy Blues & Bluesy Jazz music music music
Favorite spot?
It is where we are, "thats best", or what we perceive things to be. It is the minds eye and what you are seeing through it.
Equipment used:
Yamaha, Lexicon, SB, Dell, Peavey, Roland, Aark 24, Carvin, Digitech, Taylor, Godin, GR22, SONAR... The list is bigger and keeps growin.
Anything else...?
Ain't no body pushin as long as your pushin your self, just don't push to hard, learn to enjoy life's better things.
Praise the Lord! There is always one greater, but none greater than God!
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