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Whats slapp'nin'? MikeDaScientisS AKA Chuck Greene. 619 301, Diego 2 The DMV. The Guy In Green. Drugged up hip hop. Old school hip hop. Regular-hop for ya neck. I nonchalantly spit.
Why this name?
The name MikeDaScientisS was given to me back in 2004 in high school because I was a huge nerd, as were the people I hung out with. I was being constantly harassed to battle this dude named Smirk who was the best at the table, and he dubbed me a "scientist ass nigga".

The name Chuck Greene came from a high experience. My favorite color is green, and I always wear Chuck Taylors, so while I was high one day I thought of Chuck Greene; a regular guy with weird thoughts.....often drug induced.
Do you play live?
I have performed many times. Once at an open mic in DC called Bar Nun, I've battled in the Scribble Jam Baltimore prelims, and onboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower when I was in the Navy.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it so I dont hafta pay for music so I'm fine wit that.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah....cuz I'm broke.
Band History:
In 2004 when I had the name "DaScientist" was when I started, 2006-07 when my friend/rap mentor Doza started callin' me "MikeDaScientisS" was when I started recording n battling online and more in person battles. "Chuck Greene" (2011 to present) was when I pretty much got my "image" n style solidified and I was pretty much content with my sh*** (songs, style, image).
Your influences?
Gangstarr, Doza, Bug Pun, Little Brother, Samantha James, Flying Lotus, Pete Rock, most 70s artists, most 90s artists.
Favorite spot?
Washington DC (Northwest), Northern Virginia, Palma De Mallorca (Spain), Florida.
Equipment used:
A mic n Cool Edit, Fruity Loops 10
Anything else...?
Uhhhh....I make comedic or drugged up hip hop with an old school sound to it. But I started off battling so tread cautiously; as I have been battlin/rhymin for 9 years. You dont need that lol. R.I.P Soundclick
Dextromethorphan: The EP
...The Fu** Outta Here Vol. 2