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At Bluemen Street… this is where six men have crossed each others path…this is where it all began…

Lloyd, Patrick, Edwin, Paco, Randy and Jimmy; they have different musical influences, ranging from classical to alternative. But because they share one great passion for music, a bond was created and they became brothers in music. Now these six talented men are ready to share their one of a kind music.

Experience a different vibe and jive to the beat with the newest band in town… BLUEMENstreet.

The Brothers in Music

Patrick Almaden – This creative genius got his hands full on scriptwriting and directing stage plays and films but nothing can stop him from giving his all as one of the vocalist of BLUEMENstreet.

Lloyd Sarausos – His innate talent in singing is truly an asset to BLUEMENstreet. After dominating Popstar search 2005 held in Dubai, this versatile vocalist has proven that Filipino talent is at par with the rest of the world.

Paco Almaden – BLUEMENstreet’s acoustic guitarist is a true blue musician. He is a composer, arranger and lyricist. He started as an in-house arranger of XAX Music Entertainment. Paco A. is another Ace of BLUEMENstreet.

Jimmy Morrero – “The guitar man” is a performer, you can catch him electrifying the music arena and even stage plays. He was the session guitarist in “Alamat” and “Siglo”, two acclaimed stage plays held at the Music Museum.

Randy Recato – On bass is another multi-talented musician. Randy is a composer, lyricist and arranger. One of his popular creative endeavors is Endless Love II; he is the A & R assistant of the album.

Edwin Belencio – BLUEMENstreet’s drummer has made his mark in Japan, China, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. His extensive experience and impeccable talent will surely add fire to BLUEMENstreet.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Blues, jazz, funky, reggae, soul, rock
Favorite spot?
Quezon city
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