Nimbus (2015)
Drum n Bass
Addiktz Records
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An independant record label that is effeciently ran by every member of the crew and since it's creation in the late winter of 2005, it has stood as a monolith among underground hip hop!

Producing hit after hit and constantly in the top 100 in the hip hop category on Soundclick.com, the Addiktz are a diverse team of talent with a CRAZY internet buzz.

The group consists of emcees, producers, audio engineers, graphic designers and much more! Every emcee within the circle has a business mind - a hustler's mentality if you will. With such a wide range of musical tastes and a marketability to all age brackets unlike any other group, the potential for this young entourage is phenomenal!

Of course, like any clique, the Addiktz have gone through their share of ups and downs. The crew was originally started as a two man endeavor, eventually blooming into much more than that. Emcees have come and gone, but three originals remain - Mdot [Malcolm Lowe], Atak [Adam Souza], and Kapp [****]. Also in the group is Most Respect [****], a long time friend of Kapp, and has been a part of Addiktz for over a year now - and Ghost [****] our newest member has been inducted by Mdot as of late 2009.

With pride in their hearts and money on their minds, Addiktz Records is on it's way from rags to riches as they work endlessly to transform the love they have for rap into their full-time jobs. They will travel from stage to stage to keep bringing you that real sound, no matter what it costs. SO SUPPORT!!
Band History:
Addiktz Records is an independent record label that is ran by every member of the Addiktz Crew. The group consists of Mdot [Malcolm Lowe], Kapp [Spencer Kuzara], Injekt Venym Stealth [Michael Sirois], and A-Tak [Adam Souza]. Since it's creation in late winter of 2005, Addiktz Records has stood tall as a monolith amongst the underground hip-hop scene. Amazingly self-efficient, Addiktz Records contains emcees, producers, mixers, graphics designers, and more. With great talent from Massachusetts emcees Mdot, Injekt Venym Stealth, and A-Tak, and skills from Wyoming from Kapp. Addiktz Records is a widely spread group with CRAZY internet buzz.

In the beginning, there was simply one group that began todays ?Addiktz Records?. Led by Springfield, MA emcee Mdot, Just Blazed Inc. [JBI] took off, recruiting a handful of upcoming local rappers including Truth N Sins, Kaoss, and Bleach. Bleach, another emcee from Boston, MA, became close friends with Mdot, and later when JBI fell apart, they remained friends. Bleach changed his name to Injekt Venym Stealth in the fall of 2005 and joined the REAL [Respected Emcees Advocating Lyricism] crew, led by MC Scribbles from Canada. Mdot took a break from the hip-hop scene, living life and working hard at school. Later on in fall, MC Scribbles recruited an emcee from Wyoming named Kapp into REAL, where he met Injekt Venym Stealth. The two emcees grew close, eventually deciding to leave REAL and make their own ?group? with simply the two of them.

The Addiktz, as they named themselves, was intended to be a two man group with Injekt Venym Stealth and Kapp both rapping and producing. Eventually, they became too popular with their first few songs ?The Power of a Voice? and ?Don't Try It feat. Envy?, that they decided to let more people in. Banksy, a long time friend of the two and an upcoming MC out of the UK was let in. Then A-Tak, a young MC from Plymouth, MA, then Mdot came back to the rap scene. Since he had been a long time friend, as well as a skilled, conscious emcee, he was invited into Addiktz Records, as they called it now. After Mdot, the crew would also let in the lyrical skills of Krayz Lyrical [Marcos Cavazos], who would change his name to Shogun The Pr-Aa upon joining. Open Mike, another young emcee from Plymouth, MA joined the group. He is a long time friend with A-tak. Banksy is out of the group and Open Mike bi***ed out and went to another group. in may of 2007 a very talented emcee from FL joined the group. The addition of Konquest added a great lyricist with crazy punchlines. In July however, Sho gun and Konquest were out of Addiktz due to inactivity. Addiktz Records has what it needs but is always recruiting new members so holla at us.

Addiktz Records has two beat producers: Kapp and Injekt Venym Stealth (and soon to be A-tak), four emcees: Mdot, Kapp, Injekt Venym Stealth, A-Tak and also Kapp with his graphic designs. Their debut group CD, ?Formula For Destruction? has been announced and the group has been working on it for quite sometime. The CD is projected to be released in 2007, and with some of the greatest songs the MC's have ever made.
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Exclusive Pricing and Packages:

Exclusive Rights: Pricing for exclusive rights are like this. you can buy 1 beat for $100...It is a much better deal if you buy multiple beats though...3 beats are only $200 and 7 are only $400. Exclusive rights gives you all rights to the beat to use on whatever you want, whenever you want. You own the beat.

Leasing Rights: Leasing rights again are a better deal if you buy multiple ones. 1 leased beat is $50, 3 is $100, 8 is $200...GREAT DEALS!! Leasing rights only allows you to use the beat for independant demos or albums that are not sold more than 1500 copies. You do now own the beat.

Custom Beat: A custom beat is $150. Let us know what you want the beat to sound like and we'll do it. You own the beat.

Free Download: Free downloads will be put on the site often times. You are free to use the "Free downloads" for demos and soundclick/myspace use. In no way do you have leasing rights or exclusives to this beat. Proper credit must also be given to Addiktz Records

Beat Contests: Beat contests will be held between 5 and 8 times a year. Winner gets exclusives of this beat and promotion on our site as well as the option of having a collabo with one our of artists.

**Any abuse of these rights will result in legal action**

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