Cats dont have souls
David (Live)
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We are a three piece progressive rock band from upstate New York. We dabble in all different genres, from metal and punk to electronica, ambient, and the occasional hip hop flavored odd track.

It's all coming down.
Why this name?
It's an inside joke between my brother Jesse and I....
Do you play live?
in some form or another, cdhs has played a sh*** load of cool shows... I would say, Valentines and Lark tavern (rip) are our favs...we sucked hella ass at the halloween freakout back in 2009 at valentines albany, but I don't remember the night that well.. I know I drank a lot, and it was halloween, so that makes good by default... Then there was another show at goodbye blue mondays with nixons spirit somewhere in brooklyn. I got really drunk again, but we played well, until Chris put threw his bass in the middle of a song because he broke a string, and took 2 and a half minutes to get his other bass... other than that, it was a good night... I remember smoking bible paper blunts and drinking a bottle of the cheapest wine they had and losing a big bag of weed and being depressed about it in the morning.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
steal our music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
...only if we could keep all creative control.
Band History:
Cats don't have souls was formed in june 2006 by songwriter, multi instrumentalist, vocalist, producer/engineer j. Sebastiano... Over the past 6 years, cdhs has recorded over 100 songs ranging from punk, post punk, goth, and ielectro to progressive epics, sludge metal dirges, hardcore and post hardcore. While there have been many people to come and go in the history of cdhs, in 2009, Matt Bowman joined on drums and managed to hang on to his position without flaking out too many times. In March 2012, Chad O'Conner joined the band to hold down the bass duties... Then he quit 2 months later... Our friend Tom filled in for 2 shows, and then broke his finger less than 3 days before the show... Then Emil Merdzhanov answered an add looking for a permanent bass player, and showed up the next day... and f***ing nailed 8 songs down like a pro.... in the band less than a week... and rocked the f*** out of our set. That's how we do it around here.

2008- Cats don't have souls
2009- Vectrex Hallucinations
2009- Monsters
2010- Dear Television
2010- The land of coke and money
2011- Sleeping through the riots
2011- Shake
2011- Dumpster (Collection of unreleased crap)
2012- Empire of lies
2012- As the world is burning

Your influences?
Rush, The Cure, Smashing pumpkins, Joy division, Tool, Nine inch nails, Skinny puppy, The Birthday party, Pink Floyd, Misfits, Type O Negative, Electric wizard, The Smiths, Siouxsie and the banshees, Ministry, Guns N Roses, Kyuss, The Clash, A Perfect circle, Faith no more, Public enemy, The Damned, Wu Tang Clan, Willie Nelson, Black sabbath
Equipment used:
2 fender strats, (1 of which has volume pots that go to 11)
1 epiphone SG
Fender FM 2x12
Line 6 spider 1x12
Boss DS1
Behringer vintage delay
Behringer classic phase shifter
Behringer classic dynamics compressor
Ply Pro Chorus
Ibanez Flanger/chorus
DW drums
Pearl drums
Warrick basses
Fender basses.

Anything else...?
Plenty of shows happening.. come see us.
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