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Paul Arenson
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play hi-fi  Rippling Sea
play hi-fi  Each day is different, each day is new
play hi-fi  The Highway Song (Monoxide Song)
play hi-fi  I'd like to sit down by you
play hi-fi  Bar at Midnight
play hi-fi  There's a Lesson To be Learned in the Trees
play hi-fi  Go Down You Broken Old Man
play hi-fi  Pressures of the World
play hi-fi  The Revision
play hi-fi  The Night is Young
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Most of my songs are being added to ZNet.
I will be adding more there soon.

You can listen to 2 minute excerpts here. And then, if you feel motivated to do so, you can buy singles, an MP3 album, or a physical CD below. Why do I offer several options, free or pay? Because I believe music is the property of us all. My compensation is knowing that someone personally felt moved to tears or anger or laughter, that someone takes my song and plays it for others, changes it or adds to it, and does so without a profit motive. If you want to support the work of the TokyoProgressive website (free space and assistance to socially progressive initiatives), then your payment will help me do that. That said, here are the links. The CD version has updated arrangements of most songs here on Soundclick, plus a few new ones:

The MP3 Album: Here on Soundclick.

Singles: Also on Soundclick.


CD Baby

You can help support the Internet Activism of TokyoProgressive by paying for the MP3 album ($5.99). Individual songs are also available at 75 cents each, too. A newer CD is also available, which contains most of the songs on this album, plus a few others. Most of the songs on the CD have been recorded with new arrangements.

The website I hope you will vist

I am a sometimes singer, songwriter, teacher and political activist, born in NY, resident physically in Japan and Boston. Puccini (Yes, I almost became an opera singer) and Seeger were both influences. Also Phil Ochs, Joan Baez...I am not sure how much potato latkes played a part in my early development, but for those who care, I thought I would mention it.

Being mostly away from the U.S. since the late 70s, I was very glad a few years ago to get aquainted with the work of such diverse musicians as Dar Williams (I love her song PLAY THE GREED) and David Rovics. You can see and hear David's work here:

Like David, I do not think you should have to pay to listen to my songs. For that reason, I will be providing free streaming and/or downloads (see above). You can help our website offer free hosting to socially and politically progressive groups by a PAYPAL donation. Hosting costs also include space on several servers for audio and video downloads. To make a donation using PAYPAL:

TokyoProgressive is an educational and activist resource in the spirit of Democracy Now and Project Censored. We have donated space to, among others, the following groups:

-Gender Awareness in Language Education
-Women Educators and Language Learners
-The International Green Network (Japan)

You can contact us here:

TokyoProgressive/IndyMedia Japan
c/o Paul Arenson
7-7-8-1402 Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku
Tokyo 179-0072

You can get on our mailing list or receive other information by accessing the above site, or by sending an email to us at the following address:

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