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Nameet Pai
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play hi-fi  Kashmiri Girl
play hi-fi  Why
play hi-fi  Wild Wild... East?
This is just a gateway for my attempts at getting a creative output from whatever free time I can take out for my favourite hobby.. yes.. thats guitars and music. All songs featured here are originals, no covers.

I have been playing the guitar for over 8 years now... without any great progress.. :)
mostly I write songs for myself.. but I would like others to listen to em too.. if only I could get people to sit through the harrowing experience..

Warning: I am no singer but I sing these songs myself due to lack of readily available vocal talent.. and its not a pretty sound.. listen at your own risk...
Your influences?
Rock and sub-genres.
Love Jazz and Indian Classical too but I don't know enough about 'em for it to reflect in my music
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
An acoustic guitar, my PC and a computer mike
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