Dirty South
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Keith Bieber
Gummy Beatz
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New School
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play hi-fi  My little girl
play hi-fi  Anyhow
play hi-fi  You could know him
play hi-fi  Come and see a man
play hi-fi  This Christmas
play hi-fi  Summer rain
play hi-fi  Rock of ages
play hi-fi  Be lifted up
play hi-fi  Catching a Train
play hi-fi  Amazing Grace
Hey welcome and thanks for listening

My music is decidedly Christian. And is freely offered for your download and enjoyment. If you find any of my songs encouraging, Drop me a line and let me know, I would love to hear from you.
kbieber (at)

Anything else...?
Music exalts. It can exalt people, it can exalt places, it can exalt things. It can be used to entice us to buy whatever product people are trying to sell.
But from the start music was meant to exalt only one
And so I hope this music Exalts the only one who is really worthy of exaltation

The Lord Jesus Christ
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