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Astral Kitchen
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Norbert Mazari, Chris Blackard, and Mark Yeske formed the ASTRAL KITCHEN in 1990. Originally a power 3 piece the band has expanded it's sound by adding many different instruments. Based in both California AND Colorado, the band has managed to spread the word of its new incarnation to people of both states. This is creating a "buzz" twice as fast as if we were only to work with one metro. CD sales have been notable in BOTH the US and Canada. Norbert who runs the Colorado crew, and Chris, who runs the California crew, collaborates to write and record all of the ASTRAL KITCHEN material. We take pride in the musicians that have come on board to perform this music, and are confident that you will love this music as much as we do.

Although this band is primarily a "Original band" we have an excellent selection of "tribute covers" that will allow us to fit into almost any situation that is within are genre. We guarantee if you are just now hearing about us that it won't be the last you hear of us. Word is spreading fast about the unique style and signature sound that this music posses. This web site is dedicated to the bands business. We have a fan site also, and welcome you to come and check it out!



Dirty Things-2003

Diabolic Design-2006
Why this name?
When we first started out in 1990 or so, we really could not agree on a name at all. At the time we practiced in a huge barn on top a mountain over looking the town of Glenn Ellen. The stars were incredible on that ridge. Needing a name to play out we sat down at our custom bar/ kitchen set up in our lounge area with the huge rolling door wide open looking at the stars and sitting in our kitchen.....and that's how we became the "ASTRAL KITCHEN".
Do you play live?
We play at clubs, and private events, and we are just now breaking into the Festival scene. We are looking to be able to reach larger audiences around the country, and have mini tours as often as feasible.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is a great tool for people to sample our work, but unfortunately we have taken a HUGE step backwards in fidelity. People are using the MP3 as a final product....which is just wrong....if you see the sonic signature of a MP3, you would know exactly what I mean.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the right label/ deal arose, we would think about it. As a Indie band we have managed to sell more than 20,000 records, and countless digital downloads. Our new CD Diabolic design, is well on it's way to be our best yet.
Band History:
The Astral Kitchen, formed in1990 as a three piece band that had both punch, originality, witty lyrics, and best of all a good fun band. The project, which began as a live band playing the San Francisco Bay area, slowly evolved into a recording effort. This was due to the untimely death of the Bass player Mark Yeski. The two remaining members continued on to do other musical adventures in both Colorado, and in the Bay Area, and eventually realized that we were missing the music of the Astral Kitchen, and the interaction of creating music together.

In the spring of 2001 we decided to put things back together in a way that more suited the needs of the remaining founding members. The band would no longer be a three piece, the music would include multiple styles and would involve many different instruments both percussive and string related. This of course gave the band a mature sound that the more sophisticated music listener could digest. The band however is not abandoning it's younger audiences, the live show will include some of the "hits" of the past and will lean heavy on a "musical troupe" type feel. The core of the group is five pieces, GTR, Bass, Drums, Kybd, Vocals.All with high standards of musicianship.The 2006 line up included drummer Jimmy Kennan, who has left the band for personal reasons, and the original drummer/ Vocalist has taken over the drum duties for now
Your influences?
Thinking Man's Rock....If Peter Gabrial,Ozzy Osbourne,Santana,Beck, and the Talking heads, all got together to make music...You might sound close....
Favorite spot?
I love Canada...and they seem to love us all ROCK!....But I also love Southern California....SUN-FUN-WOMAN
Equipment used:
Marshal amplification
Line six POD pro
Gibson Flying V's
Whashborn (Delta king)
Maistro (electric violin)
Rogers Drums (vintage double bass 14 piece)
Tama Imperialstar (8 piece)
Latin percussion
Remo (Poncho Sanchez Congas)
Egyption Dorbok
Zilgin cybals/ Gong
And a truck load of PA and recording gear!

Anything else...?

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