Ron Gragg
NEWS   I'm around six songs into the recording of several Classic Church Hymns in an acoustic format. I've written a few new instrumentals, some new praise and worship songs, two new Apologetic and Polemic songs, and I'm trying to catch up on a few Collaborations I've been involved in.

All of the newer songs are at the top of my song list. And there’s lots of stuff coming soon.

God Bless

Why do we do what we do, or believe what we believe? Some judge the materialistic as all there is. But, where does the beautiful painting of artistic expression in canvas, word, music and thought come from? From where do we derive altruistic love and feeling for one another? The materialistic explanations fall short of elucidation, let alone understanding of the incorporeal and/or supernatural aspects of our lives. So much so that the inadequate reasoning of the materialists become illogical and incomprehensible.

So, why the opposing worldviews? If you believe the material world is the only answer, I would ask that you open your mind to the possibility of your own self imposed limitations. Does the well rounded mind limit itself? Where then does growth come from?

In my personal life, I have found music can be a healing balm, a positive motivator and a conduit to profound worship. The music my Lord has given me to play and minister with, are in conjunction with my testimony, my life’s story, and the gifts He has given me.

Along with studies for a Masters Degree in Christian Apologetics and Polemics, I am also completing studies for a Masters degree in Theology as well. Again, I feel that you never quit learning, nor are we supposed to. You become stagnant if you remain static!

Thanks and God Bless

Why this name?
Right now it's just me. It's the only name I have.
Do you play live?
I have lead praise and worship in a prison setting, I play and testify at Church events, Revivals, Christian Coffee Shops, and with friends. Special moments would include any time I get to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and my testimony with anyone.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has widened our contact with the world, and therefore given us an unlimited audience for the message we bring . More ears can hear us and the message we have.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If given the opportunity, I would probably go for it, as long as my message isn't watered down…. Compromise is not an option for a pilgrim.
Band History:
Phonex II: 1974-75 West Coast
Cut Company: 1976-77 West Coast
Paradox: 1979-1982 Germany/Western Europe
Pentecost 1984-85
New Covenant: 1989-93
Various Praise and Worship Bands and other music ministries as they presented them selves: 1995 through Present.
Praise and Worship Leader Narrow Path Prison Ministries: 2007

Your influences?
Phil Keaggy, Petra, Keith Green, Paul Baloche, River, Matt Redman, Mark Farner, Mercy Me, and many more. I love (And love to play) Rock (all kinds) Jazz (My own style) Latin and western percussive styles. Overall I'm not tied down to any style of music, and would jam with anyone. I only limit the lyrical content with which I write. I'm a Born Again Christian, and Words are important to the Lord!
Favorite spot?
Redding, California. The area is temperate and beautiful, and rife with musical potential.
Equipment used:
Fender, Ovation,and Alverez Guitars (with Elixir Strings.. These are the best!!) Boss and Korg effects, Roland Drums, Tama Drums (With Zildjan cymbals and Remo Heads) LP and Pearl percussion, Remo Roto-Toms, and home made percussive devices. Boss 486 multi track recorder, Audacity and Roxio software
Anything else...?
My faith in God through Jesus, my Rock and My Salvation.
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