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play hi-fi  ratt attack (tone test)
play hi-fi  problem child (logic amp designer)
play hi-fi  logic tone test 2
play hi-fi  logic test songish 2
play hi-fi  new song 6 remix slow
play hi-fi  vanishings rough mix3
play hi-fi  Metalcore is rad rough
play hi-fi  september's secret demo2
play hi-fi  Oceans Roar Louder Than Lions
play hi-fi  bronewsong2
Been playing guitar for almost 10 years, and I try to record a lot of not so good music on my ghetto rigged home studio-thing. Bear with me and check it out.
Equipment used:
PRS Custom 24
Fender American Strat
Taylor 110 Acoustic

Framus Cobra Head
Peavey 5150
Marshall Mode Four 280B Cab

Shure SM-57, SM-58
CAD Trion 8000

Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz
M-Audio Firewire 1814
Pro Tools M-Powered
Some plugins I don't really know how to use