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Tim Bragg
NEWS   Tim Bragg - after a long absence I shall be uploading new songs soon...
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play hi-fi  This England
play hi-fi  Fields of England - Revamped 1
play hi-fi  You know it's Lyin'
play hi-fi  Common Courage - Revamped 1
play hi-fi  Have You Seen Her?
play hi-fi  In Danger
Tim Bragg writes and sings his own songs - plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion, flute and some keyboard. Influenced by Phil Lynott, Van Morrison, Joe Jackson, Jimi Hendrix - he fronted a rock band "Bragg" and produced three albums.
Check out: soundclick's Tim Bragg(Rock) to hear full rock songs from the Bragg albums (type: www.soundclick.com/timbraggrock).
And now had a lot more and better albums...

Why this name?
Tim's name!
Do you play live?
Yes. In France mainly.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Democratises it. And no-one seems to make any money!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course! But unrealistic. A publishing deal would be extremely pleasant. I had a publishing deal through 2008 to 2009 but now in need of a new one...
Band History:
Bragg history - Albums:
Back in a Mess (1992) - cassette album unavailable
Finger 'n' the Pie (1992) - cassette album - unavailable
Steve Smith 1976-93 (1993) - cassette album - unavailable
What a Carry On (with Colin O'Leary) (2000)
Fields of England EP (2006) - unavailable
Best of Bragg 1 (2004) - to order
Best of Bragg 2 (2006) - to order
Fields of England CD (2006) - unavailable
Silent Running - (Revised) - unavailable
Take the Fruit? - unavailable
Heaven on Earth - unavailable
Fields of England (revised) 2008 - a revamped version for 2014
Take the Fruit (revised) - 2008 - unavailable
Night Ferry (instrumental)
Waiting for the Light www.cdbaby.com/cd/timbragg10
Fox in the Night (instrumental) - Record Union
EP: Where is the Fighter? - songs for Phil Lynott 2009
EP: Xmas-Keep Christmas - 2009
Stranger Through The Window - 2010 Record Union (itunes etc)
Revamped 1 - good reviews available anywhere 2011
Revamped Too - great reviews available anywhere
Revamped 3 - 2014
Your influences?
Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy
Van Morrison
Be Bop Deluxe
Joe Jackson
Jimi Hendrix
Favorite spot?
Fields of England; Fields of Wales; Fields of France
Equipment used:
Lots - of interest is the Akai 4000s EWI - electric wind synthesiser
Anything else...?
Tim writes novels - Amazon.co.uk - type in Tim Bragg or amazon.com and type in Tim Bragg
Bragg CDs available from CDBaby and downloads such as ITunes etc...Just google Tim Bragg...articles and such at: www.countercultureuk.wordpress.com/
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